Sound of Failure

The Sound of Failure is sound art festival based in Sydney, begun in 2007, that explores notions of organised and indeterminate music/sound/noise as conceived and experienced in this, our post-digital era. It is both an inclusive and critical exploration of a broad spectrum of audio experience that includes everything from experimental cabaret, to granular synthesis-derived microsound. This year, the Sound of Failure is a multi-sited event centred around the main performance night at the Factory Theatre in Enmore, which will include some big names and some exciting emerging performers.

Download program:

Sound of Failure (main event)
August 30, 7pm
Factory Theatre
105 Victoria Rd,  Enmore
$20 (+booking fee)
Book online NOW at Utilising the two performance areas at the Factory, Sound of Failure will present non-stop noise – from laptop warriors to endurance karaoke!

Download the performance program:

Some of the performers include:

  • Toy Death
  • Est Et Non
  • Delirium Tremens
  • Marquis de Sound
  • Lecter Macabre & Triangle
  • Samuel Bruce
  • Dianne's Dollhouse
  • Tom Hall (Brisbane)
  • Jessica Tyrrell & Chris Caines
  • catfingers
  • Glenn Remington
  • Greg Chatonsky (Canada)        
  • ScrewsLoose
  • Hiske with Psychic Date
  • Ian Andrews (album launch!)
  • Jacob Craig
  • Cleaning lady (Vic)

Sound Off Picnic
August 30, 3pm, Enmore Park, Marrickville
Before the performance evening at the Factory, there will be an audio picnic in Enmore Park. Bring your food and noise makers for this impromptu, unofficial, romp in the grass!

Question/Answer... Interruption
August 27, 6pm – free
UTS performance space
Bon Marche building, Broadway Campus

This performance will explore and disrupt the notion that music should be as symmetrical as a ‘perfect’ human face. Participants in the Sound of Failure will be invited to participate in this collaborative work aimed at investigating notions of rhythm, structure, form, space and time.

Download the entire performance (note it is about 90 megs):

The performers include:

  • Peter Newman
  • Shannon O'Neill
  • Jessica Tyrrell & Chris Caines
  • Roger Mills

Closing Party
September 4, 8pm til 2am - Only $10
Hollywood Hotel
2 Foster St Surry Hills


  •  DJ Olive (USA)
  • Panoptique Electrical
  • Shannon O'Neill
  • No_Request

Sound of Failure (group show)
Opening August 19, 6pm. August 21-September 7 (Wed-Sun - 11-4)
Chrissie Cotter Gallery
Pidcock St, Camperdown
Curated by Jennifer Teo

Download the artists statements:

Some of the artists include:

  • Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda, 'Homicide Rumours'
  • Monoperro
  • Vienna Parreno
  • catfingers
  • Cleaning lady (Vic)
  • Subscape Annex (USA)
  • Cara-Ann Simpson
  • Krzysztof Osinski
  • 2203 Collective
  • David O'Donoghue
Sound of Re-use (group show)
Opening September 3, 6pm. September 4-13
Reverse Garbage
8/142 Addison Rd, Marrickville
Curated by Mary Jean Newton
Reverse Garbage has, for the last 30 years, shown what you can creatively do with discards and offcuts that would otherwise be condemned to landfill. Applying the same principle to sound making, these artists have constructed audio installations from junk or using principles of reuse (which will be interspersed amongst the other 'junk').

Some of the artists include:

  • Ian Andrews
  • Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark, 'Still Breathing'
  • Subscape Annex (USA)
  • Caroline Huf
  • Meeray Ghaly

Roccoco Vortex (solo show)
Opening August 20, August 21-30
Don't Look 2203
419 New Canterbury Rd, Dulwich Hill
Wade Marynowsky

This exhibition explores 18th century European notions of the automaton, elegance, decadence and how these have filtered down into contemporary Australian kitsch culture.

In the gallery shop front are two spinning Rococo styled and robotic crinolines. The robotic stands spin as if they are in continual dance. The spin position coordinates are sent wirelessly to a computer which translates this movement into audio and video. The work questions Australia's, and other countries, continuous obsession with identity, antiquity, and bourgeoisie society.



PROGRAM for the performance night at the Factory Theatre

ARTISTS STATEMENTS from the main exhibition at Chrissie Cotter Gallery

from the UTS performance space (note: 90 megs)

PHOTOS, SOUND & VIDEO from the main performance night at the Factory Theatre 

PHOTOS, SOUND & VIDEO from the main exhibition at Chrissie Cotter Gallery

PHOTOS & SOUND from the Sound of Re-use, Reverse Garbage

PHOTOS from Wade Marynowsky's, Rococo Vortex at Don't Look Gallery

PUBLICITY & MEDIA REVIEWS from the Sound of Failure 2008 


PROGRAM for the performance night at the Petersham
Bowling Club and the exhibition at Don't Look Gallery

PHOTOS from the performance night at the Petersham
Bowling Club and the exhibition at Don't Look Gallery

TheSound of Failure festival is directed by Greg Shapley.
Email: or phone: 0401 152 434